Bigfoot Search Tours


Bigfoot Search Walking Tour (Kid Friendly Version) will entail a 1-1.5 hour walk on both trails and into the woods and deep unknown searching for our furry friend. This walk is interactive and will evolve knocking and howling for Bigfoot. Participating encouraged. Keep your eyes peeled for clues. Fun for all ages. Other actives such as the apple slingshot are available to participate in. The evening tours return to a campfire where complementary smores are provided. Visitors are welcome to stay for 1-1.5 hours after the walking tour.


  • Dress weather appropriate. It will be 100% outdoors. Hats and gloves for cold weather.
  • Appropriate footwear for walking on trails and in the woods. Hiking shoes or rainboots highly recommended.
  • The walking with be on uneven grounds. We will be walking on and off trails.
  • Must be physically able to walk out and back for the entire 1-1.5 hour tour.
  • We will be howling and knocking for Bigfoot. Bring your knocking stick and best howl! Story sharing is welcome.
  • No experience is needed.
  • Evening hikes: Bring flashlights and/or headlamps recommended.
  • Evening hikes are followed up with a campfire and smores included in the adventure.
    Other activities include apple slingshot